Letter To Allu Arjun

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Dear Allu Arjun,
This note is being written after watching your film, “Iddarammaayilatho”. It is sad that a talented artist like you had to taste this colossal failure but, it is unsurprising knowing how Mr. Puri Jagannath has been turning up his films recently. I wish you good luck with your next film.

Now, coming to the point, it was shocking to see few scenes in the film as I did not believe that a film from the fraternity of Megastar’s family will ever allow them. These scenes were projecting Brahmins in poor light and quite frankly they were held in bad taste. They only convey half-baked truth. For instance, an elderly Brahmin is being taught to support inter-caste marriages and not to be mindful of caste at all. Fair enough. However, I know of several Brahmin families that have emulated inter-caste based marriages. I also know of several other Brahmin families that are stubborn on following age-old practices. The point is, times have changed and therefore, it would be foolish to highlight an example that isn’t that prevalent these days. The issue of only allowing marriages within their respective caste, is also widely practices in most other castes, even these days. One cannot digress from reality unless they want to cheat themselves. Furthermore, please remember that there were rumors circulating earlier about Megastar’s family discouraging Brahmin son-in-law, on two different occasions.

If this film has come from the Manchu family or few other nut cases, who are oblivious to the ground reality and who have their hearts filled with poison regarding Brahmins, I would not enter into an argument. I know that it would be a futile exercise. It is also useless to suggest Mr. Puri Jagannath. Like his mentor, Mr. Ram Gopal Varma, I am unsure if he has ears in hearing genuine criticism. The portrayal of Dharmavarapu’s character in Businessman movie was an example. There is a particular instance in an item song in Businessman move, where Mr. Puri Jagannath has projected Brahmins in an improper way. However, you are not one among them. You have shown yourself to be humble and neutral. It is with this sheer hope that I am reaching out to you today.

Promoting any particular caste in bad light, for example, using Reddy as the surname for referring faction based villains from Rayalaseema, etc., does not bode well for any film. It only conveys that the writer / director is not talented enough to generate a film without such cheap tricks. If you wish to take this into consideration, I would like to sincerely thank you. May God bless you.

Oka Telugubidda

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